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Terrarium Lid/Partition 1 Not for sale
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A partition and replacement lid for ExoTerra glass terrarium (Natural Terrarium Small/Tall; 18”x18”x24” WxDxH).

The partition is placed in the middle of the terrerium, where the edges of the doors meet. It secures in front by friction against/beneath the front air vent. It secures at the top by fitting into a slot in the lid.

The lid has features designed to allow use with the following accessories:
1. ExoTerra PT2225 Mini compact top : holes secure legs of light box.
2. ZooMed Reptifogger : enclosed channels ensure even misting of two spaces.

In addition, the strength provided by the three layers of acrylic will prevent entry by even a determined (or heavy) cat.

Construction requires four bolts (acorn nuts and washers too), which will need to be sourced elsewhere.

The lid is designed to fit the ExoTerra terrarium model before the "Easy-twist" screen cover locks were introduced and has not been tested against the newer model.

The entire design fits well within the example terrerium I have.

I have not been able to test on other copies and so I have not been able to account for potential construction variation. I have not been able to measure other models to confirm if the lid/partition componants would function in those cases.

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