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StrongBox (prototype4 by KT) Not for sale
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A combination of the prototype1 and prototype3 with a few differences including the artwork from proto1. One of the more necessary changes were in proto3's bottom shelf because on the previous one, when the items it was meant to hold were placed on it, the back door could not close.

The first shelf is changed fix this problem, and the bottom has more holes in order to add small stubby rubber legs so skews that will be used to fasten objects to the floor will not scrape the surface it sits on.

In addition, on the sides near the slits where the shelves are slid in holes have been added in order to tie wires to the sides in order to tidy up wiring and allow better airflow.

Outer shell is 5.6 mm clear acrylic and the shelves are 4.5 mm.

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