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This gear set is 15 x 15 inches (38 x 38 cm) and is designed as a companion gear set to work well with other sets (like the Full Page Gear Set or Compact Gear Set). This gear set will provide 32 strangely shaped gears including triangles, squares, pentagons, septagons, and various shapes that are not easily described. The gears range for 15 teeth (<1 inch across) to a whopping 312 teeth (approximately 9 inches across).

It is recommended to pair this gear set with another gear set although the strange shapes gears can be used with each other to create baffling and wonderful designs.

The gears come with three sizes of pen holes to make it possible to use a wide variety of writing tools; from fine tip pens to large sharpies and crayons.

This gear set is designed to make a wide array of different designs and was laser cut for high precision beautiful art. These gear sets include the unique ability to make parallel designs.

For more details about the gear sets and all the features they contain please check out the Wild Gears webpage:


or the kickstarter pages:


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Clear Acrylic

Made from clear acrylic

$80.00 Buy this option

Tinted Acrylic

Tint Options Include:
-Light Blue
-Medium Blue

$90.00 Buy this option

Fluorescent Acrylic

Fluorescent Options Include:

$90.00 Buy this option

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