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First of all, I will not claim this template set to be in any way "vintage accurate." I have done my best to re-create this guitar style from a number of resources. My intention is only to sell a template set, that when used with its own pieces, can make a fine guitar body.

I have had so many requests for this style it's unbelievable. And it has been a long time coming, but at last it's finally here. It was quite a task to use what was available to me to create this, and I hope that it is appreciated. But it should be said that I am calling this "v1.0" because I will continually update it, whenever I can find ways to make it more faithful to the original.

Included is a template for the main body, which is stock except for two useful mods. First, I have added a cavity for a Fender Jazzmaster-style vibrato at the rear. And second, is a small cavity for an angled three-way toggle on the treble-side cutaway horn.

There are two pickguard templates provided, one is the standard version (which I do believe to be very close to the real deal, but I make no guarantees) and a modified version. The modified version contains the correct hole placement for the optional three-way toggle, and a famous upper curve, anyone can immediately recognize. Savvy woodworkers should be able to use combinations of the two templates to come up with a wide variety of pickguard styles.

Finally, there is my standard-style neck pocket template, with bridge holes for alignment purposes. Also included on that is a "universal" pickup cavity cutout for adding virtually any combination of pickups. I was going to include additional templates for various pickguard cutouts, but it brought the cost up far too much. I figured you all would rather save a few pennies, and you can get those templates from Stewart-MacDonald anyway.

• Neck pocket template is 1/64" oversize to account for paint thickness.

• Original template by Paul Rhoney

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Made from 1/4" thick natural MDF.

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