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The name Ellipses was chosen because, like ellipses used in writing, this bracelet is made up of three conjunctive circles. Ellipses indicate a pause or a trailing off in thought, which is exactly what this bracelet does when people see it; it causes people to pause and ponder on what an interesting and creative piece of jewelry it is.

The Ellipses bracelet is composed of three main parts – one boldly-colored transparent center piece sandwiched in between two opaque white pieces, both laser-cut with an intricate design element to reveal the solid piece beneath. The hole in the center of the bracelet is offset, giving a dynamic shape to the piece and creating a definitive space for an intricate design element to reside. Six color-coordinated brackets stagger the perimeter of the bracelet, illusively holding the piece together.

Ellipses bracelets are fashion-forward, bold, fun, and unique. Several Ellipses bracelets can be worn together to create a dynamic and stylish look. Furthermore, by simply resizing this design and taking advantage of Ponoko's laser-cutting capabilities, other pieces of Ellipses jewelry can be created to coordinate with each other - pendants, earrings, rings, beads, etc… the possibilities are endless!

Make your statement with Ellipses!

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