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This is a frame for organizing and carrying my DIY and electronics bits-and-pieces. You know,... all that small stuff like spare nuts and bolts, resistors, etc that just get lumped together into random container(s) that just get stacked on top of each other in some odd corner of your workshop.

You can now organize your stuff using commonly available 0.5L plastic food containers. Ten containers fit neatly into the shelves, which have end-stops to prevent the containers from sliding out under normal circumstances, without getting in the way. Cut-outs on the shelves make it easier to reach in and slide out the containers (and also permits the shelves to be stacked closer together).

Continuing the 'food container' theme, the centre area is opened up so I could put in a taller "breakfast cereal container" for holding the 'tall stuff'.

Made from sturdy 6mm plywood, with some additional reinforcing pieces, just in case. The handle is an off-cut from a broom handle.

This design is still awaiting initial construction, and debugging - so there are no guarantees that it actually fits together properly yet.

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