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The idea behind the Negative Space Ring is in the same vein of the Claddagh ring. Traditionally the way a person wears the Claddagh on their hand conveys the wearer's romantic availability, or lack thereof. The Negative Space Ring is a physical manifestation both of the lack of a ring, and possibly the lack of a relationship. Being worn by someone seeking a relationship, the ring can bring subtle emphasis to the yet-to-be acquired engagement ring, while someone who is playing the field can wear the ring as a token of the empowerment brought about by enjoying the single life.

The ring can be produced out of any materials here, but I think the tinted acrylic would look and feel the best.

I sized the ring as a womans 6 - 6.5 but could easily be fitted for anyone (the mock up was scaled a bit larger for my man hands).

This is my first product here on Ponoko, any input would be appreciated. Thanks for checking it out!

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