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Neccessorize Reminder Bracelet:

The Neccessorize bracelet is the perfect accessory for those of us who time and time again find ourselves forgetting basic items during our grocery shopping trips. The Neccessorize bracelet is a piece of jewelry that functions as a stylish accessory while also addressing a common annoyance. The bracelet features multiple tiles, each with an icon representing a commonly forgotten grocery item. The tiles can be flipped over while the bracelet is being worn; either showing or hiding the icon. Before the user embarks on a trip to the grocery store they can flip appropriate tiles, displaying the icons for items that they wish to purchase. The Neccessorize bracelet can then function as a check-list during shopping. As they grab the items they need off the shelf, they flip the corresponding tiles indicating that they no longer needed the reminder. When not being used as a reminder, the owner a Neccessorize bracelet could still wear the bracelet as an accessory, flipping all the icons inward or outward depending on their preference.

Reviews of Neccessorize

Dawn says:

This is such a cute idea!!

Added over 6 years ago. ( delete )
dan says:


Added 5 months ago. ( delete )
sam says:

awesome :-)

Added 5 months ago. ( delete )
marvin says:

i love this great

Added 5 months ago. ( delete )
stuart says:

really love it

Added 5 months ago. ( delete )
david says:


Added 4 months ago. ( delete )

Very Nice indeed

Added 4 months ago. ( delete )
todd says:

Very nice

Added 4 months ago. ( delete )
trent says:

This is amazing

Added 4 months ago. ( delete )
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