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Multi-angle wedge ruler and more, small (ie for Dresden plates) Buy now › USD $ 17.00
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This ruler at its full size is a 30-degree wedge plus seam allowances, allowing you to easily cut 12-wedge medallions. The ruler may also be used for narrower wedges (6, 10, 12, 15, 18, 20 and 24 degrees) by marking your seam allowance on one edge and lining that seam allowance line up to the appropriate angle before cutting the other side. (Pictures of this process are coming!)

The wedge ruler is 7.25" long (a smaller version than the photographed one, which is 10.25") and is finished in an arc of radius 7.25". If you simply use the wedge at full size and cut this arc, you will end up with a 14" diameter, 12-segment circle...

Accompanying the wedge ruler is the half-square ruler that cuts your Dresden wedge points. Mark your outer corners of each wedge (using the convenient holes in the wedge ruler if you're starting from a full inch measurement) and line these up so that they're the same distance down the half-square ruler while on the seam allowance line. Cut the wedge angle. (images coming) Wedges can be made to any length up to about 9" finished (18" finished medallion).

Also included in your cutting run are templates to cut 3/4", 1" and 1.5" finished circles; a tiny Dresden template (12-segment, 5" diameter - lovely for pouches and mug rugs) and a 1.5" side + seam allowance, 60-degree diamond (for 6-pointed stars).

Available in fluoro green or fluoro pink.

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Fluoro green

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Fluoro pink

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