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Mirror acrylic enclosure for Ham it up Upconverter board. Buy now › USD $ 12.00
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A mirror acrylic enclosure for UPCONVERTER card board device to Software Defined Radio.
Made by Laser cutting machine.
The order can with 6 acrylic parts and four screws and 4 nuts. (Logically upconverter board not included)
Mirror acrylic: Plaques obtained by metallization on the back of the acrylic plaque.

We use this property for shielding case attenuate external signals.

A new Acrylic material which is capable of shielding the enclosure against stray RF energy from within or from outside the enclosure.

You have to remove the protective plastic film and them proceed to assemble the 6 pieces.

Begin assembling the sides around the board.

and then put the bottom, then the top.

screwing and go!

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mirror acrylic 3mm

mirror acrylic (PMMA) 3mm thick

$12.00 Buy this option

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