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Jobo 2502 adapter for 70mm film development Buy now › USD $ 40.00
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This is an adapter to be inserted into the middle of a Jobo 2502 film spiral. It makes the spiral wider so that 70mm aerial-surveillance or bulk-portrait film can be developed using a basic Jobo 2xxx system; you don't need to buy the expensive and rare 3035 (tank) and 3075 (spiral) designed for 70mm.

The adapter changes only the width of the spiral, not the length of film that it holds so you can't develop a whole 5m cassette of 70mm on a single spiral; you must cut it up first into pieces about the same length as a 220 roll.

This is for use ONLY with 70mm film and the Jobo 2xxx rotary drum system; it is not compatible with Paterson spirals or Jobo 1xxx spirals. Jobo spiral and drum not included!

When installing the adapter, note the index dimple and line it up with the red index mark on the spiral. This part contains long fingers that are somewhat delicate due to the fused deposition method of manufacture; if you squeeze it you can break them off fairly easily so treat it with care.

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3D printed (FDM) ABS plastic

Black, fused-deposition (3D printed) ABS, the same plastic that Jobo tanks and spirals are made of.

$40.00 Buy this option

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