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Large and small ended, double sided, durable ice scraper better suited for the job that regular ice scrapers perform poorly now. Includes ice pick. Unique, compact shape, allows for easy use and storage. (It fits between the cars seats without getting lost!)

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Blue IceShark

Made from blue tint acrylic.

$19.95 Buy this option

Green IceShark

Made from green tint acrylic.

$19.95 Buy this option

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Reviews of IceShark

Jon says:

What an great idea! I especially like the logo but I am wondering how thick the acrylic you used is.


Added about 7 years ago. ( delete )
Josh says:

Hi Jon! Glad you like it! It was a fun first project on here for me. The acrylic is .12" thick. When I first got it in, I thought that might be a little thin, but it's held up quite well in the tests I've put it through!

Added about 7 years ago. ( delete )
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