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Hexagon template set with seam allowances, 1.5" side length (US/Can) Buy now › USD $ 12.00
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Here's a lovely set of acrylic templates for use in your EPP or small machine pieced work. These hexagons, triangles and more are designed to fit together with each other and revolve around a side length of 1.5". Seam allowances and corner marking holes are included on every piece and axes of symmetry are marked with fine engraving to allow better centering of fabric for fussy-cut work.

Engraving is on the bottom sides of the templates to help eliminate parallax errors. Note that a couple of the triangles are directional and have not been included in both orientations; simply flip it over to get the mirrored shape.

Available from the USA cutting hub in fluoro pink, green, blue and orange, for shipping to the USA and Canada. If you are in Australia or NZ, please see the near-identical listing in my Showroom for cutting and shipping from the NZ cutting hub.

Material options and prices (All prices are in US$ and exclude shipping costs):

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Fluoro green acrylic

Standard option and the most popular for laser-cut templates. Fluoro property makes the engraving stand out.

$12.00 Buy this option

Fluoro pink acrylic

$12.00 Buy this option

Fluoro blue acrylic

$12.00 Buy this option

Fluoro orange acrylic

$12.00 Buy this option

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