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The jewelry design comes from the idea that each of us needs to be doing our part to uphold the world we live in and make daily changes to produce Global Healing. The image is a person of compassion for their world and they are standing aware of what they can do to uphold this world. At the center of this person is a leaf which represents the true essence of organic living that is in us all, but it can only be fully displayed if we stand to uphold our world, today.
Going green is what supports the concept and if we can wear clothing that is organic and safe then why not our bling? This also could be used as a pin to support awareness and begin the paradigm shift of rethinking what we wear and how it will affect the future.
Choosing NATURAL wood material instead of plastic would be the best way to support this kind of awareness and show healthy decisions being made in each detail.
Ponoko is the perfect place for new ideas to come together and a place to start looking at our daily lives as an ever changing process to authentic living.

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