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Schrodinger’s Jewels

Sir Schrodinger has created these exquisite jewels for his Lady
Love Lucy. But their physical existence is dependent on dear Lucy’s
acceptance of his declarations of unrequited love. Until Lucy
accepts Schrodinger’s love these jewels are simultaneously in a state of existence and non-existence.

This necklace and earring set is exquisitely crafted of the finest materials the 21st century has to offer. Schrodinger has chosen clear acrylic because plastic is forever, just like his love for Lady Love Lucy. Delicately etched into the surface are designs of sub-atomic particles to show how deep his love goes. The highest quality of gold paints has been lovingly massaged into the design to bring out the detail. Ever the resourceful, economic fellow, Schrodinger has had the earrings cut from inside the pendant. The pendant is hung on gossamer string to be close to Lucy’s heart, the earrings by her ears to hear his declarations of love.

What will Lucy choose?

Do Schrodinger's Jewels exist?

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