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I LOVE movie-theater style popcorn, so my wife bought me a real popcorn maker for Christmas. I immediately brought it to the office so we can make fresh popcorn when clients come in to visit, or when we're hungry.

About 6 months into ownership, the plexiglass door on the front started to crack and my 3-year-old sealed the deal by breaking the handle right off. I was sad, because I thought my fresh popcorn days had come to an end. Then I realized that the door was no more than a sheet of simple, clear plex with holes drilled for the handle and hinges.

I had been needing an excuse to make something at Ponoko, so off I went. Since the popcorn machine resides in the office, I also decided to brand it with one of the philosophies we live by at all times; "BE EPIC".

I used three different depths of raster engraving to create the BE EPIC graphic and a simple cut line to cut out the overall shape of the door and holes.

The REACTOR World Headquarters now has the most epic popcorn machine on the planet, thanks to Ponoko.

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