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The egg is a pagan symbol of the rebirth of the earth in celebrations of spring. The egg is also considered a symbol of the sun, which warms the earth at this time of year and is the source of all life.

This design recreates the ancient token of spring in three dimensions by drawing inspiration from traditional egg decorating techniques and the infinite continuous surfaces of Erwin Hauer. The repeated pattern mimics the design of Eastern European dyed eggs, and, by following one of the quintessential modernist sculptors, it creates a three dimensional form that emulates the intricacy and delicateness of the geometries often found in nature. Moreover, instead of traditional colored dyes, the pattern uses light and shadow to create a design, inspired by the sun that the egg symbolizes.

The result is a nsculptural object that gives new life to the egg as a traditional symbol of spring, the sun, and the rebirth of the earth.

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