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Disclaimer: These plates are actually for sale, but because of the way I handle orders on them I have to list them on Ponoko in this way. All of my other templates are made to order, but I have to do custom plates in batches, to keep costs down.

Update: Ponoko has recently shut down their metal laser cutting services, so I currently only have what is on hand at the moment to sell. I’m actively searching for a new supplier, as I also use laser cut stainless steel plates on my own guitar designs. Please email me at factionelectric@gmail.com to see if I have what you need in stock. Once I have a new supplier on hand I’ll update this page accordingly.

After many rounds of custom guitar plate orders, Paul and Megan at Paul Rhoney Guitars have graciously allowed me to take over the ordering of custom laser cut control plates. I do control plate orders for my own guitar company, so I have the capability to add customer's plates to the order to fill up the extra space and help out everyone in need of custom plates.

I'll continue to sell Paul's plate designs, as well as new ones that pop into my head that I think are useful and cool. And of course I can accommodate your requests and ideas as well. I'll also try to maintain an inventory of popular plate designs, such as the Bass VI (Bass Roku) plates that work with the Bass Roku templates available through this showroom. Johnny Marr and Kurt Cobain Jaguar plates also seem to be popular, so I'll try to keep them in stock as well.

The plates are made from 2mm thick laser cut stainless steel, and are buffed and polished to a reflective finish. In person they closely resemble chrome, and match up well with both chrome and nickel hardware.

Cost per plate is $45 for the continental US, and $50 for international orders. The price of shipping is included. If you are in need of a plate bigger than around the size of a Jaguar tremolo, the cost will go up a bit. I can also do more elaborate custom designs for a reasonable fee.

So how do you get them? Getting stainless steel laser cut isn't cheap, so I set up a waiting list for people interested in a plate or plates. I have to be able to fill up a sheet of stainless steel with the plate designs before I place the order. So you email me letting me know what plate(s) you want, and I put you down on the list. Once I have enough people on the list, I'll take payment through PayPal from everyone and set up the order. Once I receive the plates from my supplier, I countersink the appropriate holes and get them buffed/polished. I then ship the plates off to everyone.

If you'd like to see an example of what can be made, this image demonstrates some popular designs made in the past.


Of course, we can also make pretty much anything that you would want. I can work off of drawings or an idea, the only limits are really your imagination.

If you want to order an in stock plate, get on the waiting list, or have any questions, feel free to contact me at factionelectric@gmail.com

-Kevin James
Faction Electric Guitars

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great idea

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fantabulous stuff

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too good

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great share

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Wow! very nice.

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Vashikaran says:

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extraordinary works..

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Husband Wife says:

very nice

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nice stuff...

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Vashikaran says:

superb work i like it..

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