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Compact Gear Set V1.1 contains 14 gears ranging from size 12-96 and includes one triangular gear and one square gear.

For more details about the gear sets and all the features they contain please check out the kickstarter page.


This gear set is designed to make a wide array of different designs and was laser cut for high precision beautiful art. These gear sets include the unique ability to make parallel designs.

Material options and prices (All prices are in US$ and exclude shipping costs):

This item is available in the following options:

Clear Acrylic

Made from clear acrylic

$50.00 Buy this option

Coloured Acrylic

Made from your choice of coloured acrylic. All the colours are still transparent. The choices are divided into 'Tint' or 'Fluorescent'.

Tint Options Include:
-Light Blue
-Medium Blue

Fluorescent Options Include:

$60.00 Buy this option

Shipping costs:

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