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What geek or steampunk enthusiast isn't gear-happy? Gears aren't just functional, they have a beauty all their own. Maybe you've seen the marvelous stencils and vinyl gear stick-ons for your wall. Take it to the next level and decorate with something that actually moves with that satisfying "chunkatootha" sound no less! Put a little of your own creative thinking into the mix with a few picture nails, and you have invented your own Kinetic Wall Art! This particular product is cut from birch plywood. The contrast between it'stan grain and burnt black cut depth is very attractive.

size note : largest gear in this set is 18cm in diameter. This is the smaller version of this product and all gears included will fit together and turn. The small gear teeth are half as big as those on the larger version of this product, so they are not compatable with each other.

WARNING: wall gears are habit forming. Significant others are apt to protest against the many tiny nail holes you hammer into the wall. It's happened to me already!

Check out this Video of the gears moving using two sets of contrasting material:


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Made from birch plywood.

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Reviews of Wooden Wall Gears: kinetic wall art

Donna says:

So, if you added an optional 'pegboard' type substrate, the walls are saved and you can reconfigure to your geary little heart's content...

Just sayin'!

Added over 6 years ago. ( delete )
erica says:

how about a cork wall?

Added almost 6 years ago. ( delete )
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