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The Ladder Box is a modular shelving system kit made from bamboo and acrylic. The shelves can be placed along a variety of mounting slots for different configurations. Designed for electronics (such as a cable modem, wireless router, media server), the shelves have cable runs and vertical dividers to keep the cables and electronics organized.

Fully assembled, the Ladder Box is 28" high, 16" wide, and 13" deep. The bamboo is 6.7mm-thick Amber. Any color acrylic that has a 5.6mm thickness option can be used. Please specify a color when ordering. For available colors, see http://j.mp/PonokoUSAcrylics

For now, the only inserts available are basic shelves and vertical dividers. However, the flexible mounting system means different inserts can be made, including drawers or even purpose built shelves for specific applications. (Think a caddy for a Mac Mini media server, an ethernet cable coiling panel, or a shelf with a secret compartment!) If you have a specific insert in mind, a custom design can be a made.

Assembly required: ordinary wood glue or white glue necessary for some components. (Electronics not included.)

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Kit - 6.7mm Bamboo, 5.6mm Acrylic

Made from 6.7mm-thick amber bamboo and 5.6mm-thick acrylic

Any color acrylic that has a 5.6mm thickness option can be used. See http://j.mp/PonokoUSAcrylics for the available colors. Please specify a color when ordering.

Assembly required: ordinary

$499.99 Buy this option

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Reviews of Ladder Box (kit)

Jon says:

Nice box design... very clean and I like the use of both acrylics and bamboo.


Added almost 6 years ago. ( delete )
Alec says:

Thanks! The bamboo does provide a great warm-yet-neutral base for the acrylic. I was a little unsure before making it, but I'm very satisfied with how the combination turned out.

Added almost 6 years ago. ( delete )
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