Flat-Pack Flightless Friends from Nuzilla

Nuzilla Flat-Pack Kiwi
Entertaining alliteration aside, Nuzilla, a New Zealand based company has released a new collection of flat-pack fauna representing the kiwi and the moa, two New Zealand natives. While the moa are extinct and the kiwi endangered, you can now own a reproduction of either of these species in varying sizes, from the diminutive miniature kiwi at about 5 inches (120mm) high, to the full-sized moa at almost 8 feet. Designed and manufactured in New Zealand from sustainable plywood, these wooden wonders are a good example of building three dimensional sculptures from two dimensional parts. Should you be the obsessive-compulsive type, you can also purchase a actual-sized flat pack kiwi egg to complete the set.

New Ponoko Blogonaut: Introducing John Cromie

Hello all, my name is John Cromie. I’ll be venturing forth into the interwebs and beyond to bring you shiny nuggets of information that highlight the world of mass customization, rapid manufacturing, and the power of the creative class. I’m a graphic designer based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and my varied interests in this area include DIY projects, sustainable & appropriate design, and prototyping. I’m excited to explore and showcase the possibilities that can exist with personal manufacturing.

As a designer and obsessive knowledge freak, I tend to learn new skills to fully realize a design concept, or I use a new project as an excuse to learn a new skill. My personal interests and activities include (in alphabetical order): alternative energies, bookmaking, cooking, drawing, electronics, energy harvesting, game design, gardening, hiking, letterpress printing, metal-smithing, origami, papercraft, reading, robotics, screen printing, sculpture(ceramics), wilderness survival, and woodcarving. In between those, I tend to sleep. I hope to find a focus sometime in my mid-seventies.

Thanks for taking the time to read about me, I hope my introduction was mildly interesting, if not, I’ll try to do better next time, srsly.