Birth of a laser cutter

Video on the assembly of an industrial grade metal laser cutter!

If you’re interested in the workings and principles of how energy is focused to create a fine cutting beam, you should definitely check out this video by How its Made. It shows the mirrors used to bounce light around and describes the process of generating photons from electrical energy inside a chamber of pressurised mixture of Nitrogen, Carbon Dioxide and Helium gas. The principles are similar to the laser cutters used by Ponoko to cut plastics, timber and metals.


Miicraft’s high resolution 3D printer

New high resolution kitset 3D printer in the works!

Miicraft's 3D printed Chess pieces

MiiCraft are a group of 3D printing enthusiasts who’re building a new high resolution 3D printer. They’re aiming for a price point of USD$2000 and hope to release their evaluation kitset by about June of this year.


Parametric voronoi bookshelf

An experiment in interactive generative design

Voronoi shelf

Inspired by the likes of Nervous System, Alan Rorie of Hero Design has created a generative software bookshelf application with Processing based on the voronoi pattern algorithm. The software allows users to determine variables such as overall size, shape and depth and then automatically generates the appropriate 3D geometry which can also be flattened and saved as a PDF in 2D for cutting out via the selected production process i.e. laser/waterjet cutting or CNC routing.generative (more…)

Would you like vector engraving with your espresso?

Cafe in Tokyo serving up coffee and laser cutting!

laser-cutter fabcafe

Japan is the source of all that is weird, wacky and wonderful in integrating culture and technology. Since opening on the 7th of March, FabCafe in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo brings the world lattes with laser cutting! (more…)

Software apps let you create halftone images with CNC routing

Software for cutting images into materials with CNC… Software developer Jason Dorie has created a couple of Windows applications – Halftoner and Reactor that allow people to create halftones images for CNC routing from ordinary image files. They both require the Microsoft .NET framework, V3.5 (more…)

CNC milling waves!

Rhino tutorial on simulating wave patterns!

I’ve recently been checking out the Grasshopper forums where people have been experimenting with CNC milling fibreboard and plywood with wave forms. For those interested in creating these patterns there is a tutorial by over at Instructables by Brian Ottrogge on how to achieve some similar forms, without needing to fire up Rhino’s Grasshopper plugin. (more…)

Rockin’ 3D printed guitars

Customized rock instruments!

Jimi Hendrix once set alight his Fender Stratocaster live on stage at a concert, he recalled that moment by saying  “The time I burned my guitar it was like a sacrifice. You sacrifice the things you love. I love my guitar.” If Hendrix were still alive today he might love to know that Olaf Diegel is harnessing the element of fire (or highly focused heat from a laser, at least in this case) to create guitars, rather than destroy them. (more…)

3D printed buildings on the moon!

NASA exploring 3D printing on the moon?

It is 2012 and I’m a little disappointed that flying cars, living in gigantic submarine cities under the ocean and a cure for the common cold have so far all failed to materialise. At least the prospect of living on the Moon looks a little closer now with NASA working on a concept to send 3D printer equipped construction robots to the Moon. (more…)

FreeD a computer assisted dremel tool

New hand held digital milling device from the MIT media lab!FreeD

The FreeD hand held rotary tool appears to be the offspring of a CNC mill and a hand held dremel tool. This freehand modelling tool was developed by Amit Zoran and Joe Paradiso of the Responsive Environment Group at the MIT Media Lab for model makers and designers to easily create models beyond the constraints of CAD packages. (more…)

3D Printing forum in Adelaide

3D Printing Forum: The Next Industrial Revolution?

The ‘3D Printing Forum: The Next Industrial Revolution?’ at The Science Exchange on the 20th of February 2012 in Adelaide, South Australia will have presentations by industry experts including Ponoko founder and CEO David ten Have on current happenings in the world of 3D printing. It is hosted by the Australian Network for Art and Technology. (more…)