Open source filament maker

Plans now available for the Filabot WeeFilabot prototype

You might remember Tyler McNaney’s Filabot, the personal filament maker, we featured earlier in the year that about his Kickstarter campaign to raise money for development costs. The machine is designed to recycle plastic waste into filaments for use in 3d printing. (more…)

CNC machined Analog Structures

Resource efficient structures

Analog Shelter is part of New Zealand designer Daiman Otto’s Analog Structures project. The cladding system Feel Free was designed to respond to the Shed Light exhibition brief, currently on show in Federation Square in Melbourne, Australia. His aim is to produce a series of small DIY, standardized and customisable buildings that anyone can put together without the need for a set of saws and building tools. Feel Free’s exterior cladding encourages interaction by allowing people to touch and manipulate the exterior polyproplyene panels. (more…)


How would a class of 8-9 year olds re-design walkie-talkies?Artphones

The Artphones project was part of Bobby Genalo’s Masters thesis at NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program. His project looked at the maker as consumer with play as an educational tool to assist the design process. In Genalo’s research he sampled two groups, a class of children and a group of adults. In each group he encouraged novel creative thinking about what would be an interesting portable personal communications device. The school group’s ideas were realised with the help of a Makerbot Replicator. (more…)

Generative jewellery from Foursquare check-ins

Location check-ins crafting jewellery design

Locations can be very meaningful to people – everyone has their favourite holiday destination or memory of an amazing place they’ve visited. Jewellery designers meshu are enabling customers to personalise their jewellery by drawing location points on the globe that generate geometric patterns based on some of their favourite places. (more…)

Basket making robot

Attention seeking robot requires human supervisors

Vienna designers Mischer’Traxler have unveiled an almost entirely self automated basket making robot at this year’s Clerkenwell Design Week in London. The productivity of the machine, however is dependant on the interest from people. (more…)

3D printed battleshots game

New meaning to the term “you sunk my battleship!

Combine a favourite childhood boardgame with shot glasses, scale the game pieces up with a 3D printer and what do you get? 3D printed battleshots drinking game. For non-drinkers and minors 3D files for pegs are also provided so you can play a scaled up version of the traditional game. Thingiverse user xaqfu has created the full set of ships based on the classic game to download and 3D print, although as the files are .stl they are also suitable for CNC milling. (more…)

3D printed earbud adapter

Making the not-so-ergonomic, ergonomic again…

Apple is usually revered as an shining example in the design world. There is the ocassional exception, however. They seem unwilling to design a mouse that takes into account biomechanics and ergonomic factors of the human hand since at least the early 90’s. The iPod earbud style headphones are another instance – where Apple has a priority of designing a geometric neo-minimalist form, rather than ensuring comfort and performance. Cupped headphones are also much better at isolating your ears away from the ambient noise of the world.

These issues led Paris based Chilean industrial designer JC Karich to develop a 3D printable ear enclosed headphone adapter that houses a pair of iPod earbuds. (more…)

Missed out on the CNC Shapeoko mill?

Want your own open source CNC mill?

If you’ve so far missed out getting your hands on the opensource kickstarted Shapeoko CNC mill there is some hope – Inventables who’re now the distributors are accepting pre orders for their next batch of 100 units. Demand for the ShapeOko has been high since their Kickstarter campaign. Depending on how keen you are to source some of your own components – there are several prices ranging from the basic mechanical kitset at $199 to the fully featured premium option at $999 that also comes with router cutters and materials. (more…)

No need to tremble as SketchUp is sold to Trimble

Google sells SketchUp 3D modeling software to Trimble Navigation Ltd.

Trimble Navigation who is a leading provider of advanced positioning solutions has bought SketchUp from Google for an undisclosed sum. Google originally purchased SketchUp from @Last Software who developed the software from a start up in 2006. Google has spun it into one of the most popular 3D modeling applications – fostering a community of whom there are millions of users worldwide, through selling it as a freemium product. (more…)

3D Printed renewable energy powered lamp

Mini wind turbine light

Architect Margot Krasojevic has created a beautiful shell like 3D printed lamp powered by the force of the wind spinning around it’s vertical axis.

The lamp is functional a propeller that uses the wind’s kinetic energy to turn it. The light is generated by the spinning of wire coils past magnets generating electrical current to power the LED bulbs. Appropriate to its shell form the design has been printed in a ceramic material that is lightweight and durable enough to spin in the wind.