Make something with Ponoko to WIN a FREE ShapeOko CNC/3D printer kit!

promotions ends March 31, 2012

ShapeOko is an awesome new open hardware CNC/3D printer kit. We supported the development of the project as soon as hobbyist and Ponoko fan Edward Ford told us he was thinking about launching a Kickstarter campaign.

His Kickstarter project was over 700% funded, he spent months re-working the design, and now ShapeOko LLC is in business!

The ShapeOko kit has been completely sold out since it launched a few weeks ago, but Edward is giving us one to say thanks for the early support.

And we’re going to give it to one of you!

Ceramic 3D printing design competition

Designing home decor with digital fabrication in ceramic.

Figulo and GrabCAD are currently offering a competition to design home decor objects to be made with ceramic 3D printing. Instead of offering one or two large prizes like most competitions, they are offering prizes of $50 to $100 to a “larger number of designers.”

Update: The prizes for the winners now includes a share of the sales profit in a addition to the $50-$100 prize, which sweetens the deal considerably. There is not a fixed number of winners; prizes will be awarded to as many designs as Figulo selects to produce.

It’s a little unclear, but it means that your likelihood of winning something is probably pretty decent. The site says the competition closes in 21 days, which I put at March 16. There are only four entries right now, so get going!

Need to prototype a design or see what you’re finished product would look like? You can 3D print your design in ceramic with Ponoko.

Design competitions: the great outdoors and furniture for FabLabs

The prizes include cash, promotion, and the production of the designs.

A Better World by Design and Decor Craft Inc. are asking for entries for a competition for a product that encourages people to re-engage with the great outdoors. Prizes include up to $1000 as well as the opportunity to have the designs produced and showcased at the 2012 Better World by Design conference. Entries are due April 1st 2012. Read all the details on the competition site.

The second competition is to design open-source furniture for FabLabs that can be made in the FabLabs themselves. The competition is being offered by Domus and Fablab Torino. This is a great opportunity to show off your ideas for digitally fabricated furniture. The winning proposals will be shown at Milan Design Week, one of the largest and most prestigious design events in the world. Extensive instructions and details for the competition are on their site.

Design something w. the new Tinkercad to win a pack of 3D printed material samples from Ponoko!

fun + easy CAD / fun + easy contest

Did ya hear that Tinkercad released the newest version of their awesome, easy, browser based CAD tool? And guess what; you can send your Tinkercad design directly to Ponoko to have it 3D printed!

Tinkercad is super fun, easy to use, and you can make all kinds of stuff with just 3 simple design tools. We really want you to try it out, so we’re having a little contest to give away a pack of nine 3D printed material samples!

How to enter

1. Go to the App Gateway and find the Tinkercad app.
2. Design something with Tinkercad.
3. Tweet a pic of your design to @Ponoko and @Tinkercad with the hashtag #3Dprinting.


One pack of 3D printing material samples from Ponoko. Your pack will contain a sample of each of the following materials: Durable Plastic, Rainbow Plastic, Superfine Plastic – White, Stainless Steel, Gold Plated, Durable Gloss – Black, Durable Gloss – Ivory, Durable Fine Plastic, and Glazed Ceramic. That’s 9 material samples valued at $90 when bought individually!

Deadline & Restrictions

Contest runs through the month of February and ends February 29, 2012. One winner will be chosen at random on March 1, 2012. You may enter as many times as you like, but each Tinkercad design you tweet must be original. Good luck!

Get Started w. Your Tinkercad Design

Check out this three and half minute tutorial on using Tinkercad. Then hop over to the App Gateway, click on Tinkercad, design something rad, and tweet to win!

Core77 Design Awards 2012 opens for submissions today

the best of design from all over the world

Core77, the design site powerhouse, has announced that the 2012 Core 77 Design Awards are now open for entry.

Although only in its second year, the Core77 Design Awards is on its way to becoming the last word in the recognition of great design. There are 17 categories this year covering virtually every corner of the design world. And the awards are open to all design practitioners, educators, students, researchers and writers.

The awards will be judged by a global jury, and all winners, runner-ups, and distinguished projects will receive tons of lovely coverage in the Core77 blog and awards publication. Winners will also receive the Core77 crayon-mold trophy.

If you’ve made something ingenious, exceptional, or just all-out awesome with Ponoko, this is a great opportunity to share your design with the world. If you do decide to submit a Ponoko-made project, please let us know so we can wish you luck and talk you up!

Calling for customizable product ideas for the Zazzle Million Dollar Open Innovation Challenge

looking for mass-customization ideas worth a million

Zazzle makes customizable everything: messenger bags, t-shirts, coffee mugs, calendars, iPad cases, you name it.

But are they missing something? Come up with a great idea for a customizable product, make a 1 minute video pitching your idea, and you could win a million dollar investment to develop and launch your product.

The Zazzle Million Dollar Open Innovation Challenge is open through February 17, 2012.

Win a multi-color pack of Sugru rubber for your DIY projects & repairs!

blog giveaway ends 25 January

What is Sugru?

Sugru is a super cool, air-curable rubber that you can use to improve, repair, or prototype all kinds of stuff.

It was developed over seven years by a group of product designers and material scientists lead by Jane who started the project while working on an MA in Product Design at RCA in London.

(You should really check out the Sugru story; there are photos of formulation experiments & application tests, the tales of funding struggles, and a new year’s resolution that ultimately lead to success.)

The end result is a simple, useful material chock full of great properties:
• electrically insulating so “it’s amazing for cable repairs”
• waterproof and flexible so it’s great to have along on outdoor excursions
• stable from -60°C/140°F to 180°C/360°F
• curable at air temperature so you don’t have to heat it
• is removable (with a little effort)
• sticks to almost anything & remains flexible when cured = perfect for prototypes

Update: This contest is closed. Thank you all for your comments.
And congratulations to Matthew C, Matthew P-F, Bob, Curtis W. and Stefania M.!! Enjoy your Sugru!

How to enter:

So now that you have an idea of what Sugru can do, we’d like to know…

How would you use Sugru in a Ponoko project? Tell us in the comments how you would use Sugru to enhance something you made with Ponoko’s laser cutting, cnc routing, or 3D printing service.


3D printable sustainable technologies design competition to win $1000

Using open source 3D printers to promote sustainable development.

Queen’s University in Canada is sponsoring a competition for the best sustainable technologies printable on an open source 3D printer. What does that mean? I don’t really know. The competition has been left open for anything you can imagine that fits “sustainable technologies that fit human development needs.” The only firm requirement appears to be that it is printable on an open source 3D printer, such as a RepRap.

The contest closes February 1st 2012 and winners will be announced February 15th. First prize wins $1000 (Canadian dollars so around $968 USD right now), second prize wins $250, and 3 runners up receive a mention as runners up. To enter, upload your design to Thingiverse with the tag “QAS Contest.”

For more information, there is a detailed pdf on their site.

Via BoingBoing

Autodesk 123D Halloween Challenge

Carve a digital jack-o-lantern.

Autodesk is running a Halloween challenge to promote its new free 3D modeling software 123D. The video above is a short tutorial to introduce you to the software and to show you how to “carve” a jack-o-lantern in 123D.

Digital pumpkins in three shapes are available for download from their site to get you started. Anyone who uploads their digital jack-o-lantern to the 123D gallery before October 31 will get a free 123D t-shirt.

Submit an instructable, win a laser cutter

Who wouldn’t want a free laser cutter?

The fantastic maker tutorial website Instructables is running a competition to win a Zing laser cutter from Epilog. Prizes for runners-up include a MIG welder, a band saw, and a bench drill press. The competition ends November 14th. How to enter:

Post an Instructable that shows off your amazing skills and creativity, and proves that you’ll make good use of an Epilog Zing laser cutter. Document your project with lots of great photos, and provide clear instructions so others can learn from your work. And be sure to tell us what you’ll do with the Zing if you win!