Sketch It Make It

Draw what you imagine, and make your ideas real

Here at Ponoko, we are very serious about bringing laser cutting to the masses. So you can well imagine that our fingers are twitching with excitement at the potential of Sketch It Make It.

Developed by Blank Slate Systems, this clever little iPad app is all about quickly and easily generating files for digital manufacturing – particularly CNC, laser cutting and 3D printing. All it takes is an iPad, a finger to poke at the screen and an idea that is bursting to get out.

As is shown in the teaser clip above, your wobbly scribbles are magically transposed into neat geometric forms almost instantaneously. There are also a number of clever ways that the accuracy can be further refined down to a precision that will have a file ready for the laser cutter in no time.

Sketch It Make It hasn’t been made available to the public yet, but if you like what you see, sign up at the source to be notified when the app is released.

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One Response to “Sketch It Make It”

  1. Susan Golden Says:

    WOW! Exactly what I have been waiting for! I have been following you guys since your inception, but just have not had time/ knowledge to get on the band wagon! Have lots of ideas, but lack to know how to execute! This is GREAT! Because it brings portability to ideas as well as ease of transition to production! I am sold! Let me know when it’s available. I will spread the word !