3D printing and The Hobbit

A report on the use of 3D printing by Weta.

The “making of” footage from the Lord of the Rings movies shows some of the most impressive work of makers I have seen, so it’s no surprise that the Weta Workshop is taking full advantage of 3D printing for the upcoming Hobbit movie.

The video is a short report with people from inside Weta talking about how they use 3D printing to make full-scale props. The video lacks much detailed information; hopefully more will be released after the movie comes out.

Via Fabbaloo

One Response to “3D printing and The Hobbit”

  1. Alex Says:

    I’m curious, which would be cheaper in movies? Use of CGI or 3D printing. Not in terms of materials, but the skill I guess needed which leads to the amount of money needed to hire people with such specific skills.

    Nonetheless, glad to see stuff like this.