Pibow: stacked laser-cut enclosure

A new way of building DIY electronics project boxes
Since the Raspberry Pi launched six months ago, a huge ecosystem of enclosure designs have sprouted up out of the creative commons community. The Pibow is a particularly innovative approach, consisting of a stack of laser-cut acrylic layers. It’ll be interesting to see how long it takes for this new technique to spread to through the community.

3 Responses to “Pibow: stacked laser-cut enclosure”

  1. Alan Reeves Says:

    Interesting idea. My first though goes to designing modular pieces that fit different interfaces. So, with a base and a top (maybe grooved for alignment) pieces could be cut and stacked to fit a USB plug, switches, SD card slots, etc. That way, the layout would be flexible for developers and allow for faster prototyping. Once the layout is good, whole layers can be laser cut for production or at least, a more robust prototype.

  2. Michael Reilly Says:

    I love stack cases. We did one for a Nixie clock kit:


  3. mausdabber Says:

    So many holes. I’m afraid this design will lead to a serious waste of acrylic when using the laser-cutting procedure.