Scientists, hobbyists, and entrepreneurs: five fresh interviews from 2011

Best of the Blog 2011 – Interviews, Thoughts & Opinions

Here’s five of my favourite interviews from 2011: we’re talking printed organs, education, DIY, hobby printing, and the future of connectivity. Kick back and tune in!

3D printing organs

PopTech talks to Dr. Gabor Forgac, founder of Organovo, a company that sells “the world’s only commercial bioprinter proven to create tissue.”

What happens when you turn a middle school library into a hackerspace?

This guest article from Thomas Maillioux is a great story about what happens when you mix teaching with tinkering.

DIY in action at MIT

Ponoko co-founder Derek Elley talks DIY at an MIT symposium.

Rick Pollack from MakerGear

Rick Pollack, a pioneer in the hobby 3D printing market, talks to Derek Quenneville about running a maker business.

What happens when everyone and everything becomes connected?

This short film explores how connectivity is set to change our lives in ways never before imagined.

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