Overview of all the awesome materials we added in 2011!

37 in 2011

Materials are the spice of life when it comes to making your own stuff. And this year we added THIRTY SEVEN new materials to the Ponoko making hubs (not including new material thicknesses)!

Before we jump into this, one of the best ways to see what materials you can use to make stuff is to check out the Ponoko sample store.
[ USA store here ] [ NZ store here ]

Not only do you get a survey of all the materials we offer, but you can purchase samples for pretty cheap. These samples will show you the quality of the materials as well as the performance of the making process (e.g. laser-cutting, cnc routing, 3D printing.)

So here’s a roundup of all the awesome materials we added in 2011.

Ponoko USA

for lasercutting

four new shades of leather
classic brown cardboard
chocolately brown acrylic
fluorescent green acrylic
fluorescent orange acrylic
orange tint acrylic
mirror acrylic
• fluorescent pink acrylic
fluorescent blue acrylic
matte black acrylic
matte white acrylic
gray tint acrylic
light gray tint acrylic
purple tint acrylic
birch plywood
polarizing film
silicone rubber in matte black
new and improved cork
black cardstock
ivory cardstock
red cardstock

for 3D printing

durable gloss plastic in black
durable gloss plastic in ivory
glazed ceramic
durable fine plastic
superfine plastic in ivory

for CNC routing

baltic birch plywood
plain plywood
unfinished mdf
white coated mdf

Ponoko NZ

for lasercutting

silver mirror acrylic
clear mylar
red polypropylene
brushed silver polypropylene
bordeaux felt
camouflage felt
white cardboard

Our digital making partners

Formulor added 23 different materials!
Highlights include polypropylene, leather, and stamp rubber.

Other material stuff

Ponoko customer Jon also uploaded a neat video of clink-testing our 3D printed samples.)

We introduced The New Material Monthly blog post that rounds up new materials added each month.

And Yana writes a new feature that puts the spotlight on a different material each month.

One Response to “Overview of all the awesome materials we added in 2011!”

  1. Renee Says:

    I’m so excited that cardstock was added! I’ve always wanted to do something with paper products.