Homeless hermit crab moves into 3D printed shell

A cozy new home for a homeless crab.

Back in October we mentioned Project Shellter, a project trying to use 3D printing to provide homes for hermit crabs dealing with a worldwide shortage of shells. The project is being conducted by MakerBot artist-in-resident Miles Lightwood.

Recently, a couple of their crab participants have moved into new, 3D printed homes. You can see Kendall the crab above with her new “shell,” and there is a video of her moving in after the jump.

Via MakerBot Industries

One Response to “Homeless hermit crab moves into 3D printed shell”

  1. Jay Says:

    I don’t understand how it can be ‘environmental’ to litter the beach with non-biodegradable plastic just to help the hermit crabs…