Chocolate 3D printed advent calendar!

Who needs Santa when you can print infinite chocolate anythings?

Moving Brands' chocolate RepRap, by Ben Lambert

Moving Brands got themselves set up with a RepRap 3D printer and came up with the only correct answer to “how shall we use this for the holidays?” – delicious high resolution chocolates! The studio set about making models of things with personal meanings, then filled a company advent calendar with the results.

The project includes a gallery of models/chocolates, and details about each item:

Advent project website

And a video of the process:

According to Ben Lambert, the parts beyond the standard RepRap stuff are:

  • Frostruder components minus wood w/solenoids mounted on top of the A frame
  • – A “big-ass” tank of compressed nitrogen
  • – A custom, 3D printed clamp for the syringe
  • – A pipe heater
  • – Chef’s cooling spray
  • – Lots and lots of milk chocolate!

I’m definitely going to look into doing something like this for the holidays next year… It would make for a great collaborative project with any group. Here’s where you can see more:

Moving Brands
Advent calendar project
Vimeo page

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