2011 Holiday Gift Guide: 10 lovely gifts for the ladies

Independent designers, crafters, and creators all over the world are using Ponoko to make beautiful things. Here’s a collection of ten of my favorite pieces of jewelry and decor from some of our talented and wonderful makers.

P.S. Click the image for a bigger, better view of these gorgeous gifts.

~ the chic chick ~
Paris Clock $39.99 by iluxo – the Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triump rise from the cherry bamboo grain of this decorative timepiece

Gold Dusted Feather Necklace $65 by fiestyelle – gold dusted felt feather pendant comes with a delicate 14k gold filled chain and charm

~ the old soul ~
Ruby Teapot Necklace $15 by Super Very – laser etched teapot charm and teacup make this necklace perfect for grandmothers and granny wannabes

~ the shutterbug ~
Polaroid Camera Locket $34.99 by iluxo – this adorable polaroid camera pendant is actually a locket, the back slides down to insert a tiny keepsake

~ the artist ~
Wearable Planter Pendant $30 by Colleen Jordan – not only does this cool, geometric pendant let you carry a bit of living inspiration around your neck, it’s also made with 3D printing — the latest buzzed about design technology

~ the literarian ~
Decorative Ampersand $30 by Isette – an elegant ampersand for the shelf;
the perfect gift for typophiles, english professors & book worms

Rainy Days Clock $75 by iluxo – cloudy skies and rainy days were meant for reading away the hours

~ the yogi ~
Red Tree Necklace $15 by Super Very – a gracefully flexed tree shape creates a lovely charm and a great gift for the girl who makes yoga her religion

~ the stylist ~
Hairdresser Shears Necklace $20 by Cupcakes and Mace – imagine what you would look like if you had to cut your own hair… now buy your hairdresser this necklace

~ the spiritualist ~
Touch of Gold Leaf Coaster Set $25 by Decoylab – a beautiful base for setting a candle or cup of ayurvedic tea, the radial symmetry of each coaster is just slightly offset by a touch of hand applied gold leaf

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