Colbert in space

Now that MakerBot has a space program, homemade bots in the stratosphere can’t be so far off.

This got me thinking about credit card sized stateliness, personal GPS triangulator balloons, and the future of private space travel. If Colbert can do it, we can do it.

The folks over at Makerbot, after their recent successes with remixing heads, decided to print their very own Stephen Colbert and send him aloft on a weather balloon. The mighty patriot reached a height of over 65,000 ft before condescending to return to us mere mortals below.

Check out a video from the historic flight here.

Via Makerbot.

One Response to “Colbert in space”

  1. Edgar Castelo Says:

    A balloon-head in Space!
    Wait until PJTV hears about that…