Marble caster

A brilliant little roller

Thingiverse holds true to its reputation as a treasure-trove of wonders with this nifty little marble caster.

Steadily working away with his Makerbot, Ethan (aka HipsterLogic) printed the component as one of the parts for an as-yet undisclosed robot.

It’s a very cool idea, and I’m sure we’ll see this caster taken up in other thingies across the universe. Of course, the ball could be printed as well – but that’s one of the beauties of digital manufacturing. The decision is entirely in the hands of the maker…

Via Thingiverse

2 Responses to “Marble caster”

  1. Edgar Says:

    Good for a lot of stuff…

  2. PorlD Says:

    I’ve been thinking about making one of these. Now I don’t need to. Thanks!