Learning about 3d printing

Interactive model of a 3D printer for teaching purposes

How would you go about explaining the magic of 3d printing to the little ones?

Here is a simple working model that allows students to collaborate together, with each pair of hands controlling a different part of the machine. This way, they learn about the various components that make up a 3d printer while in direct physical control of each element.

Making no illusions about the shortcomings of its output, Ben Krasnow chooses instead to focus on how the additive process works at the most basic level.

It gets the idea across… and makes the technology quite a bit more approachable.

Click through for a brief video where Ben explains what it’s all about.  

Even though the outcomes are more 2d than 3d, it looks like this mockup is more than enough to get those eager young minds excited.

After a short run on what must be one of the most simple of printers, the subsequent question is bound to be…  “What are we going to make next?”

thanks Rich.

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