Spring time design challenge! — Win an Egg-Bot kit for Easter!!

Entries due 13 April 2011

Ponoko is asking you to think Spring with our latest design challenge.

Design any spring-themed product for digital making with your Personal Factory, and you could win a deluxe Egg-Bot Kit from Evil Mad Science (just in time for some robotically decorated Easter eggs) + free making from Ponoko.

Your spring time design can use any digital making method available through Personal Factory: 3D printing, laser cutting, or a combination of the the two.

You can even use electronics in your design.


  • • Grand prize winner will receive 1 deluxe Egg-Bot Kit from Evil Mad Science, a $220 value + $100 digital making voucher from Ponoko
  • • 1st place winner will receive a $50 digital making voucher from Ponoko
  • • 2nd place winner will receive $25 digital making voucher from Ponoko
  • Design requirements:

  • • It must be possible to create the main component(s) of your design with Ponoko Personal Factory.
  • • You can only use the materials available in the Ponoko US materials catalog and Ponoko NZ materials catalog.
  • • You may use extra components (supplied and assembled by you) as long as the main component(s) of your design is created with Personal Factory.
  • • You may submit multiple entries, but each entry must be a unique design. Please do not submit iterations of the same design.

How to enter:

Log in to your Personal Factory
and upload the following elements into your Showroom:

  1. Product design files
  2. Photos/images representing the final product
  3. Up to 200 words describing your idea
  4. Enter the tag “springtime”


New to Ponoko and digital making?
Find out how to turn your design ideas into real things and open a free Personal Factory account.

Need some help with your design?
• Check out our helpful How-To guides
• Register for an online training session
• Find tutorials on the blog
• Watch demos on our video channel
• Ask a question on the forum
• Get in touch with Ponoko directly


• Entries due 13 April 2011 at 10pm Pacific Standard Time


• Entries will be judged by the folks at Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories and one of Ponoko’s own digital making gurus

Judging Criteria:

  • • originality and creativity of design in relation to the Spring Time theme
  • • clarity and resolution of design
  • • production feasibility
  • • presentation of design such as renderings and product photography*
  • * Although you are not required to make and assemble your design in order to enter this competition, doing so will better demonstrate our judging criteria.

    See official rules for all the fine print.

9 Responses to “Spring time design challenge! — Win an Egg-Bot kit for Easter!!”

  1. Kate Moore Says:

    Ooh, very nice! Off to think something up now…

  2. zool Says:

    do you actually have to have it cut/printed beforehand or can you just submit a concept and the design for it?

  3. Kristen Turner Says:

    Hi Zool, as mentioned at the very bottom, you do not have to have your entry made (cut/printed) to enter. All you have to do is upload design files and images representing the final product. But we encourage you to make and assemble your design if you can.

  4. Felix Says:

    Just to make sure: It is spring-themed only or are easter-themed things ok, too ?

  5. Kristen Turner Says:

    Easter theme is okay! We consider Easter springtime-y. : -)

  6. Karolina Says:

    how do we add design files if we aren’t a seller? is it required to become a seller before you can submit an entry to the contest?

  7. Jon Says:

    Uploaded and stuck my two designs up… only realized this contest was running two days ago! Now I can sleep!

    Looking forward to seeing what others designed!

    Jon @ WoodMarvels.com

  8. Felix Says:

    Hello, I was wondering if you have got any news ? Easter is very near now !

  9. Kristen Turner Says:

    Hello Felix. We have already contacted and chosen the winners.
    We will publish a post announcing the winners soon!