Fabricate yourself

3d Printed Portraits at TEI Conference

How would you go about documenting the attendees of the 2011 Tangible, Embedded and Embodied Interaction Conference?

Karl and the guys from Interactive Fabrication turned more than a few heads with Fabricate Yourself, a project that saw a tangible model of the event printed piece by piece during the conference.

Attendees firstly capture their favorite pose using a Microsoft Kinect. The depth image from the Kinect is processed into a mesh and displayed onscreen in real-time. At any time they can capture the mesh and save it as an STL file. The STL files were printed using a Dimension uPrint 3D printer.

Reflecting on the process, Karl explains how different things could have been if the miniature portraits were able to be produced at a faster rate.

Even though the load times were quite long, people would frequently return to check if their particular model was finished. Imagine the impact if instant results were achievable, similar to the familiar Polaroid happy snaps we know and love. That reality may still be a way off, but there is a whole lot of fun to be had in the mean time.

More info about this impressive combination of Microsoft Kinect and 3d printing at Fabricate Yourself.

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