Laser Cutting Down-The-Rabbit-Hole

The Laser Cutter Roundup — a weekly dose of laser-cut love: #10

Hey, Sam here again, collecting this week’s post from The Laser Cutter!

Above is a laser cut acrylic and bamboo veneer ear ring from LeeMo

After the jump: wine, a rabbit, a staircase, and a frame-up…

Above is another work (a giant tessellated rabbit) from Andrew F. Scott along with David Markus, Tamela Sicay-Perrow and Mason Pfau from [FabLab]_Scad.

Above is geology inspired wine rack from Brandon Barber at LaserLabStudio.

Above is a laser cut plywood picture frame from Alyssa Zukas.

Above is an amazing set of stairs, with laser cut stringers (the dark zig-zag) from Arden Architectural Staircases.

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  1. Kristen Turner Says:

    go fablabSCAD. holla to my alma matta.