When Pigs Fly…

flatpacks from Finland

These super cute, pop-out postcards from Finnish design company Lovi are laser-cut from birchwood ply. You can order most of them painted in a pretty color, and each kit comes with instructions for assembly and a string to turn your trinket into an ornament. Flat-pack cards range from about 9–13€ each. And if you’re wondering where to hang these lovely Lovis, they also make some nice flat-pack trees.

via designboom

5 Responses to “When Pigs Fly…”

  1. MiriamS Says:

    Love it! Brilliant. Very well done. Simplicity at its best.

  2. Dennis P. McGrath AIA Says:

    GREAT! How do I but them?

  3. dhawktx Says:

    Okay, how do they avoid the scorched edges?

  4. Troy Says:

    and how do I make something like them?

  5. Kristen Turner Says:

    @Dennis: you can buy them at the Lovi website

    @dhawktx: Anne Paso of Lovi wrote today to inform me that these are actually water-cut, hence no burned edges. But I think if you painted your wood after it was cut, you could achieve a similar effect.

    @Troy: take a look at Ponoko ID [ http://ponoko.com/ponoko-id/id-overview ] If you don’t know how to design/make something, you can request a project to be made and approved designers will be able to bid on your request.