Build an Element Bar


Chicago residents Jonathan and Maria started custom nutrition bar company Element Bars to give people an alternative to the limited variety and pre-packaged bars commonly available.

Their Build a Bar interface is a little different than previously mentioned You Bars; instead of checking the ingredients you drag and drop them. As you build your protein bar, a power key below checks off the benefits you get when you choose a particular ingredient. The Nutrition Facts box updates each time too.


If you’d rather have some guidance in creating a custom protein bar, you can take the What’s Your Element? quiz.


One Response to “Build an Element Bar”

  1. Jon Says:

    This is the second, from what I can recall, article about custom nutrition… is Ponoko considering getting into this area of expertise? So, people could order one of my models and while they are at it, a snack bar to give them the energy required to assemble it? 😉

    Jon – Create Unique Memories