Newbies get a making demo, live!

Talk with John as he demonstrates how it all works, from A to B to C.

He’ll show you:
– how to open your own online personal factory
– how to save your design file in the right format
– how to upload your designs to your personal factory
– how to select the right materials
– how to combine different orders into a single shipment
– how to minimize your costs
– how to start your Ponoko Shop
– how to get any help you might need
– and lots more

And because he’ll be demonstrating to you live online, you’ll be able to ask questions and have a conversation along the way.

When – there’s one single demo at these times:
– EST – 4pm to 5pm Tuesday March 17th 2009
– PST – 1pm to 2pm Tuesday March 17th 2009
– GMT – 9pm to 10pm Tuesday March 17th 2009
– NZT – 10am to 11am Wednesday March 18th 2009

Book your slot now!
Just send an email to: webinar-at-ponoko-dot-com and tell us you’re keen!

4 Responses to “Newbies get a making demo, live!”

  1. Ryan Spreen Says:

    I would like to be on the webinar @ EST – 4pm to 5pm Tuesday March 17th 2009. thanks.

  2. Lisa Says:

    I would like to participate in the webinar on March 17th/ 4- 5 pm central time.
    Thanks in advance-

  3. Bob Prawdzik Says:

    Looking forward to checking this out.

  4. Barb Says:

    heya – I’ll probably be at work (non-design!) and sneakily try to get in on in the webinar to see if I can learn a bit more. cheers for doing this.