FREE making, materials and shipping – 1 day only!

The first 100 orders on Saturday February 28th 2009 will go into the prize draw for a chance to win a full refund.

Just make an order within this 24 hour period and you’ll be in to win a 100% refund of your making, materials AND shipping costs.

To be eligible all orders must be made between 12:00am and 11:59pm Saturday February 28th PST.

So what are you waiting for?!

5 Responses to “FREE making, materials and shipping – 1 day only!”

  1. Jeff Kalinoski Says:

    The “prize draw” wording is confusing- do the first 100 orders submitted definitely get a full refund, or do they get the chance to be picked to get a full refund?


  2. TLCG Says:

    What time does the 24-hour period start? What time zone?

  3. Ponoko Team Says:

    Thanks Jeff and TLCG

  4. Whystler Says:

    Uh oh … we have two days of the week mentioned. Friday and Saturday. I’ll assume it’s Saturday, because that is the 28th 🙂


  5. Ponoko Team Says:

    Urghhh – yes, Saturday. Thanks!