10-Day Design Challenge: Finalists announced and the voting starts

We’ve again had a great response to our 10-Day Design Challenge – Jewelry for summer, and again it’s made for a hard job choosing the final group of 20. Below you can see pictures of each open round finalist, and BELOW THE PICTURES is the voting panel. If you’re a Designer of one of the winners below, feel free to invite all your friends and family to vote for you. In our very first Design Challenge there was a very lively discussion about the choice of winners. So for all of you with strong opinions this is your chance to make them heard.

Please note you can click on the images of each product to go to their individual showroom page for more detail. Please remember, clicking on the image is NOT A VOTE for the product, you need scroll down to the bottom of the post and make your choice in the poll located there. Good luck everyone! Voting closes on Sunday August 3rd.

40 Responses to “10-Day Design Challenge: Finalists announced and the voting starts”

  1. NB Says:

    I’m so excited about the turn out and selections! Thanks Ponoko for making laser cutting available to the common man.

  2. Hollow Vegetable Says:

    Can I get one in Mango flavor?

  3. Brooke Says:

    So happy to be part of the final 20! This contest has been really fun.

  4. sue Says:

    oh yay thank you ponoko for picking me for the top 20, after a year of making things with pnoko, i feel like i am actually getting rather tricky with my makings

  5. Hector Uvence Says:

    Great competition, excellent results.

  6. taryn Says:

    Awe I wish I made it in, hopefully next time!! In the meantime, I’m voting for the fan pendant, which is absolutely awesome!!! 🙂 good luck to everyone!

  7. Cami Says:

    I am really impressed with the submissions. :o)

  8. Jocelyn Says:

    Love it and I want one!

  9. ChaoticK Says:

    Beautiful – so hard to pick. Amazingly cretive – Good Luck, All!

  10. eric Says:

    Thank you Ponoko for selecting some of my designs

  11. tara Says:

    I am amazed at the wonderful designs. Congrats to all of you who were selected as finalists!

  12. Xandy Says:

    This is so unique! I love it!

  13. Gypsywitch Says:

    Very unique ring design, and you can let everyone know immediately what “weather” you are . . . such as: “all cloudy”=in a funk, “sun on top”=sunny disposition, etc.

  14. Dennis Short Says:

    This is an amazing piece. Vibrant in its design and colors. Very modern and hip, something I can see being sold on QVC. This piece is well-deserving of winning!

  15. Brooke Says:

    “Very unique ring design, and you can let everyone know immediately what “weather” you are . . . such as: “all cloudy”=in a funk, “sun on top”=sunny disposition, etc.”

    Aw, thanks gypsywitch! I appreciate your comments. 🙂

  16. Ginny Says:

    You go girl, beautiful.

  17. Mido Says:

    go cellular 😉

  18. Duann Says:

    hey Producer,
    That is a sweet design, well done and good luck

  19. Yolanda I. Lewis Says:

    Looks great, hope you win

  20. producer Says:

    thank you

  21. Nina Says:

    Very proud of you girl.

  22. sabine Says:

    Mr Robot… i had no idea
    you were into bling bling chains like that…
    looks really dynamic… all the best

  23. Scott & Judy Says:

    Very unique

  24. Scott Says:

    Just curious. There is no “see results” link. Does this mean voting will be a secret until the end? Not a bad idea but it is kinda fun to see how you are doing in the standings.

    Just wanted to congratulate all who were chosen as finalist and encourage those who were not. There were some really amazing designs. Good luck to eveyone.

    Scott (DSCulp)

  25. Doreen Says:

    Good luck!

  26. johanne Says:

    i love all the designs…i voted for my mexico friend scott…the butterfly is beautiful…ola johanne

  27. stel Says:

    love the pulsera!!!! Great design.

  28. Brooke Says:

    Great interview!

  29. Hbot Says:

    go go Mr. Roboto, domo arigato!

  30. Hbot Says:

    (table bracelet link doesn’t work)

  31. Jessica Says:

    does the design with the most votes win? or is it decided by the judges?

  32. John Lewis Says:

    Hi Jessica, it’s a mixture of both but the voting is very important. From our 10-Day Design Challenge page:

    “Over a period of about 15 days, the Ponoko community will vote on your design.
    These votes will help our judges nominate the winning design.”


  33. John Lewis Says:

    @Hbot – thanks for noticing that. It should be working now.

  34. Brooke Says:

    Yaaaay! Got the rings in today. COuldn’t resist taking a quick photo (thank you, Photobooth) before the formal photo shoot. 😀


  35. eric Says:

    when does the voting end?

  36. Tina en Jan Says:

    Deze sierlijke zwaluwen zou ik graag dragen op witte coltrui, denk ik, dagdag

  37. rafa Says:

    What a killer Ice cream cone #13

  38. vato/dude Says:

    we all scream for ice cream…….#13 the baker’s dozen

  39. Queen Halloween Says:

    They are all great looking! I love them all and wished I could for vote for them all except for #19 that Hello Daisy by Sarah Design atrocity. That has to be the ugliest piece of design I have ever witnessed, I’ve been doing design for 20 years.

  40. Brooke Says:

    I really like that piece. The way it hangs and the engraving are nice touches. I don’t see anything wrong with it.