Reclaiming Design from Inhabitat

HauteGREEN came and went this past May and while many of us weren’t lucky enough to attend, Inhabitat gives us an insider’s peek from their video, Reclaiming Design. Here they discuss the different ways of reclaiming used and discarded materials to transform them into beautifully designed pieces of furniture. They spoke with three featured designers: Carlos Salgado of Scrapile, Tejo Remy, Matt Gagnon and with Sam Grawe from Dwell Magazine.

They do give an interesting perspective on how much of the scrap materials we throw away can be reused again into things that are aesthetically pleasing and functional. I personally like the tables from Salgado, made from his efforts in “dumpster diving” through 63 cubic meters of wood scraps from the woodshops and millshops that populate New York. You definitely come to appreciate the thoughtfulness and effort behind these pieces.

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