Neil Gershenfeld: After the Digital Revolution

This is amazing stuff that you need to see and hear from MIT professor Neil Gershenfeld at TED. It’s all about what comes after the Digital Revolution. Where the bits of computing meet with the atoms of the physical world in digitizing fabrication. It’s mind-blowing to think that we are indeed on the verge of a whole other revolution. It reminded me of iWoz, where Steve Wozniak described his excitement and the ideas that he and the Homebrew Club had with building personal computers. For them realizing the potential of what every day people could do with a computer in their home, which was completely unheard of by most in those days, parallels with this today. The difference is, with the internet, TEDtalks, podcasts and online video, everyday people like you and me can be IN on these incredible ideas.

For some insight into the reality of what developments are going on, have a look:

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