Exciting times for Makers and Designers

‘Fabbers’ could launch a revolution

Can’t find those tiny yet oh-so-essential lego pieces to help your son finish building his spaceship? Or how about not having the cash to fork out for that iPod? Not a problem – you could fab those items right in your own home! OK, not the iPod (for now), but the Lego piece, yes (now). Fabbing at home could possibly be sooner and easier than you think.

For those unaware, fabbing technology is about fabricating objects through a “fabber” or 3-D printer from designs on your computer. Fab@Home is a prototype fabber built by grad student Evan Malone at Cornell University’s Computational Synthesis Laboratory. It’s also an open source website that provides the design, plans, tips and discussion groups for building the Fab@Home.

Quite exciting considering the endless possibilities of what you can do. To get an idea of what Fab@Home has already produced – from lego toy to wristwatch to cake, click here. As this is an open source project, it will evolve, improve, and perhaps become as affordable and common as our 2D printers. Exciting times we live in indeed!

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